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At Ty blinds and curtains you will find a wide and unique range of curtains, blinds and shutters. We offer a wide range of curtain, blinds and shutters to suit all types of homes and offices. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and hence our team works hard to provide you with the best and nothing less.

We also have in store for you plantation shutters that are a clean stylish look which complements classic and contemporary homes and adds value to your home. Plantation shutters have become the most sort after product not only due to their timeless elegance but also because of their functionality and versatility. Shutters provide privacy, ventilation and light control. The adjustable levers allow ventilation and for you to regulate the light entry into your interior whilst adjusting the level of privacy you desire. Shutters reduce noise from outside the home. Shutters have thermal benefits which provide energy efficiency. Combining Shutters with Curtains adds improved insulation and is one of the best solutions for reducing heat gain and loss in your home. As quality is key our Shutters are truly custom made, designed specifically to fit your window, door or partition dimensions. Our Shutters can be made to fit any size and shape including round, angled, arched or sloped and corners or bay windows.

Thus, with us you can be assured that you will be provided with the best and nothing less. We offer supreme quality products and excellent customer service, also an added benefit with us is that we have a keen eye for style. Call us today to know more about our blinds, curtains and shutters.

Plantation Shutters Melbourne